Saturday, March 10, 2012

Amsterdam here we come again

It's been a full year since we last went to our pied de terre at the Singel.
Last year the weather was georgeous for three long months all during our stay there. So let's hope for the unlikely repeat of this weather pattern. It is a cold sunny March morning in Norfolk and the water outside my window is dark blue absorbing the sunlight greedily. The boats tied to our pier are basking, reflecting the bright sun rays as if they want to send every one of them back to their owner. Portsmouth accross the water winks its sharp contours towards me and a push boat lazily brings three tethered 100ft barges to their new destination.
Why would I ever want to leave this place. And still Amsterdam beckons on this serene morning with promises of city noise and canal traffic, the everlasting ringing of bicycle bells and the first burgeoning buds of the Gunera on the back porch. There lingers a restlessness in both Sandee's and my heart, that constantly want us to turn the next corner to satisfy our curiosity of what may startle our souls and make our hearts skip a beat, as we almost instantaneously blurt out the same "see that?".
Retirement is for us a period of blessings and truly a golden period in our lives. And Amsterdam reflects our hustle and bustle sides, whereas Norfolk brings solitude and peace and friends and culinary adventures, which we create in our fabulous kitchen. The world is our oyster and between both homes we have still so much to do and to see, allowing all our senses to absorb all we experience minute by minute and day by day. This blog allows you to follow our boring lives, accentuating those special moments that we wish to jot down so we may never forget.